Bud's Wicked Leather is a custom leather shop catering but not limited to the adult fetish community.


Our goal is to provide beautiful, high quality leather toys you'll be proud to own.

We take pride in every toy so you can too!

How we got started:

I purchased this company from the previous owner in mid 2011. We're under New Ownership and New Management. Hi, my name's Freya Von B.

I'm sure you've experienced problems purchasing toys, especially leather ones, from an on-line store or a "cookie cutter" operation thinking it would be a great addition to your toy collection. Only to end up disappointed by cheap and poorly constructed products that don't last and hardly seem worthy of your hard earned money. 

That's exactly why we're in business. We've had many of the same disappointing experiences you have and quickly became frustrated with receiving what always seems to be sub par junk . Looking for quality and durability in a leather product seemed to be a futile endeavor. So we stopped looking and decided to spend the last few years developing and perfecting products worthy of spending our hard earned money on. By doing this, we could make sure that our standards and expectations of leather toys would be met.Through trial and error we've come up with toys that are beautiful to look at, high quality, durable, can be made to fit individuals like a glove and will last a lifetime. Then, I thought, why not offer others having the same problematic experiences the opportunity to really add something phenomenal to their toy boxes. That was when I had the idea of this website. 

Bud's Wicked Leather is excited to give you exclusive access to hand crafted, beautiful, high quality leather toys, that are custom fit to you. Where else can you get durable custom leather toys at a great price that will last a lifetime.

All leather toys, paddles, slappers, restraints, body/personal/gag harnesses, suspension gear, wrist and ankle cuff sets are cut, died, shaped, lock stitched by hand and made specifically for you. Special requests are always welcome!

Every piece of the leather and wood is hand picked and inspected by me to make sure you always have the highest quality product available.

Please Use All Toys Safely and Responsibly!

About Our Floggers

Flogger handles are turned by me and have a custom ergonomic "Venus" design exclusive to Bud's Wicked Leather. There's a lot of thought that goes into each flogger and which piece of wood is chosen as the best match. Careful consideration is given to the weight and length of leather falls as well as the hand size and height of the person using the flogger. These differences can greatly affect the way a flogger behaves for you. Matching the wood handle's weight and strength to the type of weight and length of the leather falls is very important. These careful considerations are sets our floggers apart from all others. Your flogger is made specifically to you! This ensures you can play longer, swing with a smooth even flow all while enjoying comfort and the response your flogger will produce for you. 

The leather we use for our floggers is typically Bull Hide, Cow Hide or Deer Skin. Here are the differences in the hides and skin.

Bull Hide:

One of the heavier hides we use.

Weight: Heavy

Gives a nice massage like medium-heavy thud to your latest lucky "victim". Operator's discretion of course.

A very pleasurable soft feeling to all of the leather falls. 

Colors are limited

Cow Hide:

The process of deer tanning - to soften the hide. 

Weight: Medium

Gives a moderate-light thud and no sting to the fortunate recipient. 

Very soft to the touch due to the tanning process.

Colors are limited

Deer Skin:

One of our lightest hides/skin for floggers.

Weight: Light to very light

Starter flogger for the reluctant bottom or Top. Great for practicing your swing/aim and warming the bottom for heavier play.

No fear of injuring someone with this flogger. Leather tails are extremely soft and forgiving.

Many color options please ask for availability

Oil Tanned:          ~~LIMITED~~     WHILE SUPPLIES LAST ONLY

The process of oil tanning - to make the leather more "weather" proof. 

Weight: Heavy

One of the hardest hides to come by. 

Gives more of an attention getting heavy sting and thud.

Colors are limited

About Our Slappers

Italian Latigo Leather:

The process of latigo - combination tanning process with oils and waxes to make leather rigid but very pliable

Some of the finest Italian leather available.

Feels great in the operators hand

Durability - wear resistant - Very stingy and noisy for your pleasure

Colors are very limited

​Sole Bend Leather:

The process of sole bend - compression of Old Bull's Hide to increase density

Very sought after by multiple leather product producers 

​Oil or Wax sealed - Oil for more sting and Wax more slap.

Durability - "weather" and wear resistant - Very Heavy of sting (oil) or Heavy slap (waxed)

Normally reserved for making our Taws - Straps and some Slappers

Many color options please ask - When left in its natural un-died state is more durable

This leather is NOT RECOMMENDED for the fainted heart.

Heavy - Very Heavy bottom's Only!!

Vegetable Tanned Cow Hide:

The process of vegetable - tree bark, wood, fruits and root. Environmentally safe

Some of the finest leather available. 

This leather is used for the majority of our items and typically used for saddlery or tack

Many Color Options to Choose From 

For the Medium - Heavy bottom Only

About Our Restraints

Slide Cuffs:

Bull Hide used for it's Strength and Durability

Single Set or Double

Many Color Options Available


Custom Wrist, Ankle Cuffs and Collars:

Cow Hide and Lining Leather are used for durability and comfort. 

​Many Color Options Available



All of our hardware be it rings, rivets, fasteners etc. comes from and are made in one of three places. U.S.A. - Germany - Italy - When ever possible. The majority of what we use is triple chrome plated brass or stainless steal. We try to stay away from using nickle for those who have nickle allergies. 


If you can design it we can make it.