Vegetable Tanned Cow Hide

Coffin Paddle Rhinestone Cross Ox Blood      $60.00

Great for the reluctant bottom or Top. Easy to use and very forgiving.

​Hearty Slap with Medium Sting

Vegetable Tanned Cow Hide 

Coffin Paddle with Raised Rivet Medium Brown      $60.00

Vegetable Tanned Cow Hide

Hand of The Mistress Paddle Dark Green      $70.00

Heavy - Severe Impact Toy This Belt Packs a Real Wallop!

​Moderate - Heavy Impact Toy. This Belt Can Leave You Feeling Slapped Into Next Week.

Here's some new wickedness to take home and enjoy!

Sole Bend Belt Strap With Blood Groove Medium Brown      $50.00

Sole Bend 13 Hole Belt Dark Brown      $55.00

​Nice Slap with Moderate Sting

Made of Deer Skin this flogger is extremely soft and will leave you feeling kissed all over.

​Deer Skin Very Light Weight

Blue and Black with Orange Osage Wood Handle    $165.00

There's Nothing Like Reliving The Harsh Stinging Slap of The Mistress.