All of our slappers are made with the finest leather's specifically chosen for it's intended use and maximum performance

Easy to use, Very nice whipping action with plenty of sting and noise to tickle your senses

​One of Master's Favorite and Original Creations!

The Most Versatile Slapper Made. If you own only one slapper this should be it. Ranges from the Lightest Sensation to the Heaviest Slap. The Rivets and Holes are not just for Increased Sensation but to also leave you with Stunning Marks.

This Toy Makes Over the Knee Spankings a Real Treat and Hides Within it Two Very Different Sensations for your bottom's Bottom. Lots of Slap and Noise​​

Great light to Moderate Impact Toy. Will Mark Beautifully Especially with Rivet Kisses

The Impact From The Devil's Tongue is a Cross Between the Sting is of a Cane and the Bite of a Taws.  We consider this to be a High Impact Toy not for Beginners.


​Vegetable Tanned Leather - Triple Chrome Plated Brass Rivets and Ring

​Devil's Tongue      ​$70.00

​Sole Bend Leather - Light tan died - Triple Chrome Plated Brass Rivets

​Holy Slapper      ​$50.00

Italian Latigo Leather - Brass Rivets and Ring​

The Best Slapper      ​$70.00

​Italian Latigo Leather - Triple Chrome Plated Brass Rivets and Ring

Forked Slapper       $65.00

Italian Latigo Leather - This "slapper" was patterned after an original 1950's dog whip

The Dog Whip      ​$50.00